Monday, January 2, 2012

the weekend when many of my favorite things happened all at once.

so, new years eve.
you're supposed to get dressed up and go out, right?
not this year.
...this new years weekend, we did many other of my favorite things:

thing #1 i love: going out to dinner.
thing #2 i love: slows bbq
thing #3 i love: incredible friends. and a wonderful husband.
 thing #4 i love: fires in the fireplace.
 thing #5 i love: gift exchanges. (these are the scarves i made)

thing #6 i love: cheesy sweatshirts.
thing #7 i love: glorious gifts from people that know me well.
 thing #7 i love: fun wrapping and artsy pictures. (thanks, matt).
 thing #8 i love: anthropologie mugs.
thing #9 i love: bailey.
thing #10 i love: GAMES. like settlers. which we played tons of.
thing #11 i love: group pictures wearing everything we got. we have many years worth of pictures like this one.
thing #12 i love: amazing headwarmers. 
thing #13 i love: mustard yellow and gray together. (duh. thus the new blog design.) insert huge mustard yellow bow. joy.
thing #14 i love: when making something is successful. check out the headwarmer from all angles.
thing #15 i love: katie teaching sus and i how to make things and then solving all our issues along the way.
thing #16 i love: making clothes! amazing cardigan, right? yep. i made that. with more than a little help from katie.

 thing #17 i love: sewing days.

thing #18 i love: homemade mug cozy. never will my hand get too hot or too cold again.
thing #19 i love: homemade meals. cilantro lime tacos. (find them here) to start off our new years eve.

there it is. many of the things i love, all in one weekend.
happy 2012!

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