Friday, January 20, 2012

cookies and friends.

on tuesday, my college roommate came for a sleepover!

we did a bit of a photo shoot... hey, you can't blame us, we don't see each other too often anymore.
some things never change.
yes, that's fake poop.
that katie left here from new years.

 we also baked cookies for my students.
i've made several peanut butter blossom recipes, but this recipe is the best one i've done so far:

speaking of peanut butter... check out this great friends clip:

(it's joey showing what an appetizer of "peanut butter fingers" would look like at a wedding)



  1. Cuteeeee. Don't you love nonsense and baking with best friends. It doesn't take much! :)

  2. seriously :). i really do love it!


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