Sunday, January 1, 2012

the start of the end.

well, we just had the weekend of the start of 2012.
meaning the last year of the world. 
haaa. just kidding, of course.
i'll put up pictures soon, but in the mean time, my new years resolutions.
i made several. matt makes fun of me. i don't care.

1. NO POP. i suppose if the world is going to end, i should probably have less things that cause cancer in my body, right? matt and i are doing this together--i don't think i'd make it on my own...
2. run a 10K by august. doing this one with katie and susan. twill be quite a stretch.

3. become waterlogged again--3 16 ounce water bottles per day. less pop, more water--talk about a long detox.

4. 3 classic novels. not a problem. i love reading classics.

5. read the Bible in a year. i did it a few years ago, but it would do me well to do it again!

6. fast sometimes... i used to fast every week and i'd love to get back into that discipline!

so, please keep me accountable. i have a bad record thus far with resolutions... i don't want to talk about it. sensitive subject. too soon.

anyone else make resolutions?

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