Sunday, March 16, 2014

vacation is the best.

i'm currently in the post-vacation blues.
you know, remembering how great it was and recognizing that it's back to regular life...

so, to help, here's a vacation blog!
no pants and rolling around = happy child.

see, it was a learning vacation.

fun family dinners at local cool restaurants... 

water park!

my favorite picture.

my other favorite picture. that is pure joy.

it's vacation. so he got to try ice cream. 
(though i'm pretty sure grandpa already gave him a taste...)

yep. that was mine. giant rice krispie treat.

family photo before leaving!

seriously. great wolf lodge is the best.
or we were just desperate for a vacation.
a little of both, i'm sure :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

ah, madrid.

so i traveled the world the other day.
spent a week in madrid, loving on and challenging high schoolers to think more deeply about their spiritual walks. and making lots of jokes along the way.
spoiler alert: we had a kid that beat boxes. and i rapped. really well. ish. a lot. my rhyming skills got usage.
be jealous.

as for pictures, i thought i'd share just a few.

we were a part of a lot of ministry, which i don't really have pictures of: street evangelism (done well), ministering to homeless and prostitutes, evangelism classes, lots of prayers, and lots of church activities.

we saw everything. really.
palace, cathedral, all the plazas, especially plaza mayor, puerta del sol, prado museum, buen retiro park, etc. we also went to toledo... just gorgeous.

selfie in toledo. you're welcome.

stole a picture at the prado with las meninas before the student i convinced to take my pic got yelled at. worth it. sorry student.

group picture at toledo.

the palace.

buying amazing, delicious candies that we searched many stores for.

the center of spain! in puerto del sol.
plaza de toros. luckily we didn't have to watch a bull fight.
we saw pictures. gross.

looking out of the window from red box ministry (look it up. crazy cool organization).
into puerto del sol... basically, times square in madrid.

the church we were a part of. beautiful mission. reaching a dark place with the love of Jesus.

so there you have it.
good stuff, right?