Sunday, February 15, 2015

february 2015.

snow. and a lot of being stuck inside, so photo shoot. 
because i was sick of not having pictures with my babies!

a picture.

i thought i should give a word picture of what my two boys look like at this moment, before life continues and i miss it!

a snapshot of jack: 
drools, smiles, kicks his feet nonstop, and laughs when i kiss him. watches micah constantly, can roll over every once in a while, sleeps in his crib but generally wants to nap on me.

a snapshot of micah: 
-wakes up in the morning by singing songs and piling his stuffed animals by the door, then pounding elmo's eyes on the door and yelling, "mommy! mommy!"  when i go in there, he is sleepy and jabbering about something, normally a story or sometimes kind of sleep talking his dreams.
-he will immediately ask for daddy. he's obsessed with daddy.
-when we come downstairs, he asks, over and over, for juice. if he has pooped, he wants to be carried down the stairs, "like a silly goose," because he's uncomfortable from the poop.
-he normally comments on my outfit, "like your blue shirt, mommy!" or something, and does everything to put off the inevitable diaper change.
-while watching a show in the morning, he'll bounce and dance to any and every song, singing any words he knows... oh, and we normally watch the same thing over and over.
-when packing up, he requests either the blue or red side of his coat. he has to let us know which shoes he wants to wear, he likes to wear white socks the most.
-he LOVES reading stories, especially anything funny. anything with bodily functions is especially winning.
-at lunch, he loves pea pods and looking for big peas. he will pull over a chair to the counter to help me make lunch.
-when it gets close to nap time, he is attached to blankie. we read stories and he loves to play his made up games involving jumping and running around his room.
-his stuffed animals are his friends, he often says, "kitty cat my good friend. love kitty cat."
-he loves playing puzzles, letter and number games, dance parties in the basement, jumping from the couch to the bed, and any game with running.
-he memorizes books and phrases, so he'll randomly say, "let's hit the road, guys," or "coming through!" or "no worries"
-he remembers everything it seems, and will ask us if we remember random events throughout the day.
-he bursts into song at quiet moments.
-he has a favorite everything, that changes daily.
-he loves food. all food.
-most of his phrases are said in a sing-song way, sometimes a weird deep voice, sometimes a whisper, sometimes yelling, sometimes super high pitched.
-he is completely energized by being around people.
-he talks about family and friends all the time.
-and as a true snapshot, we deal with lots of tantrums a day, some throwing and hitting, but also occasional kisses and hugs.