Friday, December 13, 2013

our version of a christmas card.

every other year, i like to do a christmas letter instead of a card.
last year was a photo card.
so letter it is!
i only sent it to far away friends and family, so if you didn't get one, don't feel badly.
we love you. 
i was just lazy and didn't want to fold that many things.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

all things christmas.

all christmas all the time.
first year in a house means i took pictures of every decoration.

even this one. in the bathroom.
see. holding nothing back.

but really. indulge me. 
we're homeowners... which i used to think was exciting and i now think is a lot of work.
so this is extra exciting.

(micah's crazy looking handprint. you try and get a one year old to put his hand in paint and put it on a tree skirt. we're going to do this every year... hopefully the handprints get less crazy or we've got real issues.)

micah's artwork. haaa

homemade placemats!

joy to the world!

two words.

well, it's been a busy month for us.
duh. everyone's busy.
making gifts. being sick. taking care of sick ones 
(me taking care of baby and matt doing you know, his job. doctor stuff.)

so here's a quick snapshot of life lately. try to caption everything in two words, you say?
challenge accepted.

comedy date.

suspender joy.

be cuter.

turkey day.

decorations shmecorations.

true fan.

the wonch.

harrrrrrs cut.

light debacle.

cousin thanksgiving.

meltdown avoided.

nailed it.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

... and a fried egg on top.

every dinner, we always have some kind of meat.
and chicken and beef get old.

so a few nights ago, i made a recipe that had a fried egg on top.
 it's sundried tomatoes, roasted asparagus, pesto, and shell pasta. with parm on top. oh, and an egg.
it was actually delicious.
you should try it.

also, check out micah on halloween.
he's not a fan of hats.

also, look at this tree.
i may be a tree lover, but everyone should appreciate that. gorgeous, right?
japanese maples. the best.

happy fall!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

micah's birthday bash.

taking a balloon theme to the max.
on a minimum budget.
though if time was money... let's not talk about that.

12 helium balloons.
about a billion regular ones.
homemade bunting. 

homemade cake pops. 
(in lieu of a goodie bag, on a foam "cloud", along with balloons and a decorated pumpkin!)

balloon poster. with his month-by-month stats. 
if you look closely, in the picture, he's got a hot air balloon basket next to him! 
homemade birthday cake. with balloons. made with the help of a friend who also makes amazing cakes as her side business.

the kids decorated pumpkins in a mess-free manner.
 and everyone wrote notes in micah's birthday book! 
let the party begin!
we survived a year!
and so did he!

cake smash. 
i'm a little obsessed with these. 
suit and tie, justin timberlake?
i beg to differ.
diaper and tie.

 (that's his birthday plate hidden under the smash cake!)

happy birthday, micah!
it could be said that i enjoyed planning your party more than you could have enjoyed the actual party.

everyone wins.