Wednesday, August 28, 2013


i don't normally do blog posts on serious topics.
but here we are.
i've recently been filled with some wisdom i feel i should share.

after how i just spent the last hour, i'm forced to draw a few conclusions...

conclusion 1: people stuff and plants only exist for bugs to make homes in.
conclusion 2: people only exist to keep bugs off their front porches and homes.
conclusion 3: outdoor furniture should never have any crevices for spiders to build homes in. just one smooth surface should be required.
conclusion 4: killing/disrupting a large number of spiders and other bugs does not lessen intense fear or distress in the person. if that person is me.
conclusion 5: pruning plants and getting rid of spider webs can become an aerobic exercise. add a raincoat (not sure why i had it on in hindsight. not actually raining.), a hood (yes, i had the hood up the whole time. always. bugs in hair would put me over the edge.), a lot of jumping, yelping, and push-broom-throwing.
conclusion 6: there's a reason i've put off such activities until now, hoping matt would do them.
conclusion 7: people who don't like bugs shouldn't be married to medical residents who work insane hours. they aren't as available as you may like to kill bugs. and you may be forced to do some of this on your own.
conclusion 8: maybe i should have a more inconspicuous raincoat. bright yellow northface doesn't scream, "she's mature and knows what she's doing."

it's plausible a few of my neighbors may change their opinions of me after what they may have just witnessed.

can't win 'em all.

project micah balloon shoot.

well, i wanted some fun micah shots.
not actual shots. pictures. jeez.
and a budding photographer, vicki hopkins, wanted subjects.

thus, balloon photo shoot was born. 
plus a couple regular ones.

check it out:

 two guesses as to his first birthday party theme.

and then this one was trying to sort of mimic one of our maternity shots (by the incredible upon a time photography)

eh, not exact. but who's counting.

Monday, August 19, 2013

ten months!


we've been eating like kings over here.

pasta with chicken, lemon, & white wine.
incredible! from here

 texas sheet cake.
huge cake, you say? 
you won't think so once you start eating it.
from here.

we made caramel popcorn. 
i started by following a recipe on pinterest, but the recipe was crazy and couldn't be right.

so here's what i did...
bowl with 1/4 cup butter or so and 1/2 cup brown sugar--melt it in the microwave (about a minute or so).
then, add a huge handful of mini marshmallows (mini ones melt better/quicker)
microwave until they inflate (careful, they can explode and make a huge mess if you cook too long!)
then, mix it together and pour over bowl of popcorn... mix together and love life.

a glorious potato salad.
that sadly got splattered across a road.
i swear i said, "matt, i'll buckle micah in, you grab the potato salad" (it was on top of the trunk).
matt swears i never said any of that.
we turn a corner. hear a loud crash. and i yelled, "the potato salad!!"
we'll never know the truth.
thus, we only got to try it. but it was crazy good.

here's the recipe... i changed a few things: i used parsley and rosemary and used apple cider vinegar... no shallots (didn't have any on hand!)

what else have we been up to?

hanging out with family... (all the Ebright grandkids!)

 making decorations... 
 (spraypainted piece of wood with painted words)


and hanging out with this little boy.
spending a lot of time at his favorite place... the pool.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

12 adults, 1 baby, and a puggle party.

what we've been up to lately over here...

had a senior small group retreat at our house!
that's right. nine students, one co-leader, one husband-of-mine, one talkative micah, one puggle-pot-pie, and me.
for two nights. so much fun.
we painted. did sparkler pics. talked about our lives and jesus.

had friends (friends since youth group) come to visit with their youngest kids!

fun new recipe! sausage and peppers. yum.
it's pretty much like it sounds. grill peppers in olive oil and garlic. cut up sausage and cook in olive oil. mix together over rice!

i had a whole loaf of bread about to go bad...

so, i made mock-cinnamon rolls!
spooned in (3/4 cup brown sugar, 1.5 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon cinnamon) filling, rolled them, then brush melted butter on the outside of the bread (i cut the crust off), rolled in sugar/cinnamon and baked at 350 for 10 minutes or so.

then, made croutons. melted butter in a pan with garlic and made them into croutons!  i realize this is simplistic, but i was proud of myself for being a resourceful homemaker.

we also had to get a new sink faucet. ours was leaking everywhere. oh, homeownership.
(thanks to a handy brother in law!)

my mom and i also painted the entryway tan, so we're slowly getting rid of more and more pink paint.

and micah and i have been social butterflies! play dates, lake visits, picnics, etc. 
loving the summer life!

oh, and this kid? 
he's obsessed with walking.
he has hung out with both sides of grandparents lately.
and sleeping? eh. not the best.
but laundry baskets? clearly awesome.