Wednesday, June 18, 2014

life, currently.

well, i'm now a stay at home mom. feels weird to say. it's my goal to blog more often, or at all, now that i'm not working.

i'm currently doing that from the top stair, outside micah's room. because that's how my life is right now. oh, and i'm serenaded by a mix of crying and climbing and talking and singing.

just so you can glimpse into my world, here's my night/morning:
8 pm: micah to bed in new room.
1030 pm: micah crying. put micah to bed again.
115 am: micah PLAYING. and unable to fall back asleep, even with both of us trying, until 3 am.
730 am: micah walks out of room. and i get up. and decide no swim lessons. because we'd be leaving at 8 and i just can't.
8-1230 pm: play. sing "let it go" about 20 times. say "no" to the request for cookie, outside (it's raining), park, zoo, veggie tales (about 1000 times), etc. go to the OB doctor, hold him while listening to baby's heart beat (really.)... have him offer guacamole to everyone he sees... yelling loudly every animal and animal sound he can think of, then alternating with counting and abc's. get home, handyman is waiting to fix the siding on our house that's falling off. change a big poopy diaper. feed lunch. 
1 pm: naptime = fight time. try to get him to relax and sleep. he just wants to play. i give up, leave room, shut door to him climbing and yelling "mommyyyy" in his silly voice.

ah, how life has changed. no more teaching elementary. no more baby... other than the one growing inside. and that baby boy is always kicking me to make sure i know that i've got round two coming soon. 

all of the sudden, we've got a full-blown toddler who touches his wee-wee in public and talks about it and throws a fit when he doesn't get cookies whenever he wants them.

all that to say, life is good. 
here are pictures to prove it.
our life in recent days!
first up, micah's first trip to the zoo!

moving on up, no more high chair: we all sit together like a civilized family. but one of us eats with his hands mostly.

speaking of civilized. lemonade straight from the pitcher. i don't know.

matt and i still love each other, so that's good. tigers game double date!

petting zoo. hand in goats mouth. whatever. 
pick your battles, right?

pool time with micah's pal, graham. i know. they look thrilled.
but really, they love pools!

first ice cream cone. i think the eyes are closed from pure delight. fast forward 5 seconds: running everywhere, YELLING "hi, hi, hi, hiiiii!" to everyone he saw.

ah, the big boy bed. someday, it will be less stressful. someday.

not pictured: lots of fun parties, dinners with friends, time with family, my brother getting married (we don't have the pictures... ah! need to get them ASAP!), end of the school year with students. etc.

and one recipe for you... a great one!
basil pasta with sundried tomatoes!
sundried tomatoes
basil pesto
pasta (we use the shell kind for this one!)
mozzarella cheese
parmesan cheese
chicken (optional)

normally, you'd eat this right away, not in pyrex... 
what to do:
  • mix asparagus and olive oil/salt on a baking sheet and roast in the oven until crisp, then cut into one-inch pieces
  • cook up the pasta (and chicken, if you want)
  • mix in a big serving bowl as much pesto as you like as well as the sundried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese.
  • add in the asparagus and mix
  • then, if you're brave, fry an egg (over-medium or so) and lay it on top--the yolk acts as a juice for the pasta, too. we normally only do that if we didn't add chicken--a great meatless (thus cheap!) dish.