Monday, March 26, 2012

that's life.

well, i surely haven't posted in forever!
there are many reasons.
reason #1: good weather.
reason #2: lots of teaching, grad school, and planning.
reason #3: 
but, enough excuses.

here are some things i've been doing.

first, food. doi.
1. key west grilled chicken.
find the recipe here.
 seriously amazing!

 2. lasagna roll ups.
basically, boil lasagna noodles. i layered these ingredients: meat sauce, spinach, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese.  then, roll it up and put on a sprayed pan for 10 minutes or so. really great! 
 3. the best one of them all.
korean beef and broccoli.
one of the best things i've ever eaten that i've made. 
the recipe's here. you should really try it. we added long grain wild rice underneath.
oh, and what am i looking to make next?
i'm in a vanilla scone mood--trying to replicate starbucks mini vanilla bean scones.
i'm thinking of making them over spring break, though.
but it's on my mind.

and in teaching, we've been having a lot of fun! one quick fun activity that i did today... (my students have been battling with quickly adding 10 without using long addition/fingers)

easily differentiated--more advanced students had to create two digit numbers to add ten to, other students just started with the number that was actually on the die. they loved it!
find the handout here

in other news, our dog is fat. and always looking for squirrels to eat. which is the polar opposite of working off her winter flubber.
when will she learn.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

goals for the week.

new recipes.
that's the name of my game this week.

here's what i'm making (hopefully, depending on how busy life actually gets...)
lasagna roll ups.
but, i'm planning to make meat sauce, spinach, and mozzarella (minus ricotta, we're not fans).

key west grilled chicken. 
skewered style.
this one looks crazzzzy good. can't wait. might even try with shrimp?

asian drumsticks.
except not drumsticks... probably pork? or chicken breast? not sure yet.
also... a downfall of this one: i forgot to buy ginger. so i'd have to stop at the store. we'll see if it happens or not.

oh, and already today i made two new recipes!
check it out...
monkey bread muffins.
exactly the same as monkey bread, just in muffin tins--portion control (or that's the goal... for me, i just ate more muffins...)

buffalo wing crock pot chicken.
i generally hate crock pot recipes.
i know, i'm crazy.
but they are never actual "all day" cooking things--you have to stir or break things apart half way through... and i'm gone for 11 hours every day. not conducive to my life.

but, it's sunday. so i can handle it today.
very simple recipe, from here.
but good!

happy week to all.

Monday, March 5, 2012

cake central.

family birthdays.
equal delicious cakes.

check out these treats:
ina garten's chocolate cake.
fresh strawberry buttercream frosting.
white chocolate drizzle.
seriously incredible.
get the recipe here.
 (happy birthday, mother in law!)

rachael ray's carrot cake + raisins.
get the recipe here.
one of the better things i've ever eaten.
(happy birthday, mom and dad!)

birthdays have a funny way of turning into cake days.
i'll take it.