Thursday, September 25, 2014

sweet words of the day.

for a toddler who has quite a range of emotions, seeing the sweet side of him melted my heart today. 

when in the car on the way to my OB appointment, micah said, "micah love God." random, but melted my heart.

then, at the OB, he told everyone, "hear baby heart! micah love baby. baby loves micah!" (of course, he said the baby's name, too, so a lot of strangers now know more than our friends. whatever.)

i mean really. it's like it was on purpose for his super pregnant (and apparently 3 cm dilated?!) mom!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

second birthday party!

here are some quick shots of micah's second birthday party... zoo theme!
we had the party a month before his actual birthday of october 18, since baby brother is due october 14.
one last birthday of not sharing the spotlight!

 zoo animal cupcakes... they're walking on grass
kangaroo kabobs.

shark teeth.

lion veggies.
and then we had "animal feed"... aka tacos and toppings and the "watering hole" for drinks!

the party getting started...

the petting zoo of animal crackers for party favors.

 the readers... and the dodgeball players. haa

2nd birthday cake... with the animals walking on grass and on his special birthday plate

cupcake. i don't have pictures of him actually blowing out the candle on the real cake because we took a video... but he didn't want to eat the cake anyway. cupcakes are WAY better, mom.

the crazy process of trying to open presents with kids all around to help.

so much joy!

happy (early) 2nd birthday, micah!
turns out, he's quite the party animal.
i thought he may get shy, since we crammed 25 people in our house.
but he loooooved every second being the center of attention, seeing all the animals everywhere, and playing with all the family!

now, baby can come aaaaany day!