Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas with the fam. and friends.

christmas at home brings me great joy. 

(by the by, these are the only ones i have--everything that happened pre-amazing camera are on my parents' camera... thus the reason i have seemingly random shots.)

check it out:

description of all the good stuff:

the first few: christmas morning, with my mom, dad, brother, and matt.
after that: grandpa and my dad, opening gifts.
then: the most adorable dog in the universe (come on, you know it's true).
next: steph, tiree, and i 
finally: them with their babies. matt and i decided to do a mini photo shoot with them on account of our new camera. i'd say we outdid ourselves--and that's just scratching the surface. pre-edited style.

oh, and matt's gift to me?
well, it lit up.
and was made of diamonds (you can't see that part in the picture).

impressive, right? plus he bought me real jewelry (diamond earrings). good stuff--the lights even flashed to match a christmas song.

and are you wondering what we're wearing? they're christmas muumuus, of course. duh.

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