Sunday, January 1, 2012

pinterest saves christmas.

just when i think pinterest can't do my life any more good, it does.
because i actually use it.

check out this glorious scarf i created and gave to some incredible people!

it's a chunky braided scarf (want a tutorial? i'm so glad you asked!)

i apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. i didn't think about it until this exact moment.

1: buy 1.5 yards of any color jersey knit fabric and .25 yard of wide lace
2: cut six 1-2 inch strips for the width of the fabric 
3: cut one 6-8 inch strip of fabric
4: braid the skinny pieces--you'll create two separate braids.
5: gather the ends of the braids and the wide strip of fabric and sew them together.
6: hand stitch lace over the seams to make it end nicely.

i even made one for myself, they're so nice.

(p.s. don't these pictures look nice? thank you, new canon rebel t2i. yep, gigantic splurge via bonus and family christmas kindness :))

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(p.s.s.s. my blog is all new and different--now you can click a word to describe my post and you can even get emails of my blog without a google account... oh, and you should follow me!)

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