Sunday, April 27, 2014


jesus died and rose again.
obviously, that's what easter is about and the reason life has hope!

less important but exciting: micah looooooves easter egg hunts.
first, the one at the church i grew up in:

 such determination.
and the one at my parents' house on easter (post church :))

so great.
i forgot to get a pic of him in his easter outfit.
but i think we'll all survive?
question mark?

ebright life.

life sure has changed lately around here.
matt's been pretty much gone all the time at the hospital.
so micah and i have been playing with friends, going on trips, and making the most of life.

here are some adventures of late:
wandering u of m campus. and i'm not looking at the camera.

playing in the rain. yep, that's his rain coat and boots. jealous?

new couch.

sand and water table. now has sand as of yesterday.

too much bailey lovin.

u of m with daddy.

and again. because he never stops.


free train table!

celebrated matt's birthday. with the gift i may be most proud of--a medical journal filled with notes from family and friends for matt.

excited, nauseous, hungry, and moody.

yep, we're pregnant again!
meaning i'm sometimes moody.
sometimes giddy.
sometimes starving.
and after one bite, overstuffed.
but other times, can't eat enough.
i weep when micah does something cute.
and call my parents about it.
and then i weep more for no reason.
the word weep really fits the situation.

things that disgust me:
frequently chicken.
generally anything that i have on the schedule to make for dinner.
pulled pork.
gagged on a banana yesterday. but normally i like those.
but don't even try and predict it. because there is no predicting.

things that i love:
fuji apple chicken salad from panera. i've had it so much my parents gave me a panera gift card in my easter basket. yes, i got an easter basket. my parents rule.
candy. but only sometimes.
apples. i've eaten a lot of apples.
orange juice.

this time around, it turns out, pregnancy is a lot different.
i had no warning!
for instance, when you feel nauseous in first trimester, you still have to take care of the toddler.
meaning lots of running and games.
also, the doctor just told me, the "burst of energy" you get in second trimester only applies to first pregnancy. 
say whaaaat.
so i'm going to want naps from here until eternity.

all that to say, we're SUPER pumped.
baby is due october 14. (micah's birthday is october 18. i know.)
we find out gender (hopefully) on may 27.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

book club, the real life one.

i once posted about wanting to be in a book club back here.

and then we started one!

we had the first one last week, and it was completely soul-filling.
that's not a word, but it should be.
because that's what happened. 

i hosted the first one... we read cold tangerines by shauna niequist.
absolutely incredible.

i made baked brie and chocolate chip cookie bars.
the baked brie sort of could have been part of the soul-filling.
holy shmokes.

all i can say is, everyone should be in a book club.
and i'm excited to have joined the club.