Wednesday, October 27, 2010


spoiler alert.

if you generally get christmas gifts from me, then it's possible you'll know your gift if you read this post.

you have been warned.

i am just SO excited about these crafts that i can't help but share them!

craft #1:
homemade duckies made out of washcloths and sponges.
<grabbed this idea from>

i am in love with them. too bad i have no babies... someday :)

craft #2: homemade cards!
i have never attempted the world of handmade cards before, but i ventured into it and feel that i had at least mild success. i really have been having fun making them. these are a few of my favorites. (i made up the patterns, so if you like them, copy away!)

i plan to use colored card stock and the sewing machine for some later, but being my first time... i figured i'd start simple.

my other crafts would be pretty obvious who they are for: things with names on them, etc.  so, that's it for now!

let the christmas season begin!!!!!!!!
(i'm trying to convince matt that i'm allowed to listen to christmas music once halloween hits. he disagrees. i'm planning to play it anyway... i know he'll melt when he hears the sweet sound of mariah singing about Jesus being born. who wouldn't.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


well. it was about time i lost my going-to-a-real-concert-where-i-know-the-music-and-paid-a-decent-amount-to-be-here virginity.

it was the perfect situation.
beautiful location: royal oak music theater.
incredible band (in my top 3 for sure): guster
brand new CD. plus a bunch of old songs.

plus, we were approximately third row. and at the end, they came up super close and sang acapella... and we could have touched them.

ohmygosh i loved every moment.

so, that was a big day in the life of me.

other things from lately:
made the best cookies i've ever made... i'm pretty proud.

peanut butter cookies... from the recipe on the trick? roll them in sugar and make the indentations with the fork. cook until they just start getting golden brown. holy crap. they're DELICIOUS. if i do say so myself. (...side note... the recipe makes like 5 dozen. something i didn't realize before starting. thus: we have many frozen peanut butter cookies for a rainy day.).

oh yeah. they were eaten by many-a sophomore boys and girls from our church. they can vouch. you should make these.

coming soon: 
-all day saturday craft day with a friend. making christmas presents and other random crafts. pictures to come, i have a feeling.
-field trip to the apple orchard tomorrow. translation: buying extra apples for homemade applesauce. mmmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

highlights. like the magazine.


so many of them to see. such a beautiful thing. got WAY too little sleep... that's the name of the game. clearly we're not in college anymore, because us four girls had to take a nap on saturday. yikes.

the fun included:
-handy andy. of course. sitting there, talking, for hours... as many people came through.
-ivanhoe's. twice. magical.
-running (or attempting) the homecoming 5k. at 8 am after going to bed at like 3 am. poor decision. but good memory.
-mi pueblos.
 before attempting the dreaded 5k.

ivanhoes. these girls complete me.

sure, most of it consists of food. that's my life. but: so many great talks, catching up, and funny moments were packed into one weekend.

somehow, a lack of sleep caused me to get oh-so-refreshed.

2. got to see the new science building they're creating. better than that: got to tour it with hard hats and everything.

3. matt finally let me go back to the place we got engaged. there was even the remnant of a candle on the traintracks still. talk about memories.
 we're standing right where he got down on one knee. i love it.

at the exact place. making motions as if i'm birthing babies. not sure why.

overall, taylor is still all that it has always been.
so much joy.
so much depth.
so much friendship.

mmm. makes me tear up just thinking about it. which, i'll have you know, i didn't do all weekend. okay, that's a giant lie. but there are just so many memories. i can't help it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

homecoming 2k10.

i love taylor university.

last year, i would think about it nearly daily. several times, i cried about how much i missed it.
(sad, but true.)

i no longer think about it daily, but still often.
and tomorrow, i get to VISIT. something i've only done one other time.

i cannot WAIT for a weekend of these things:

.handy andy
.TONS of incredible people
.being at the union
.eating at the dc

ohmygosh. i could go on and on.

let it be said: taylor is the best place on earth.

i'll be back after having my had the time of my life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

i am not good at being sick.

i'm sick. i finally admit it. i was being monica about it yesterday, but i've accepted it.
(watch Sick Monica to understand what i'm talking about).

i can't stop sneezing and coughing.
my nose is stuffed.
i can't sleep because i can't breathe.
i have a fever.

though i'm sick, i can't stop doing things. i'm just not good at sitting still and relaxing. here are the things i've done:

SUPER homemade pizza.
on accident. i decided on pizza for dinner, then realized i didn't have a pre-made crust, so i made one from scratch. i realized i had no pizza sauce, so i made my own. then, added green peppers from eastern market and pepperonis. an accidental homemade pizza!

then, i had extra pizza sauce... i looked it up online, and they said to freeze the sauce in ice cube trays. NARSTYYY. but apparently more simple... you just pop out a cube or two to make another pizza. so, if you come over, you may want to check that i put ice cubes in your drink rather than pizza sauce cubes.

next, i made 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies. i forgot to take pics, but it was a LOT of cookies. for many different things in the next week, i need cookies. took it all out in one blow.

i decided to start sewing again, and here's what i created:

i made a french apron!! i LOVE it.

i am so proud of myself!

i also read this AMAZING book... i highly recommend it. it's all about the power of the Holy Spirit and how we forget/ignore that part of the Deity.

then, i cleaned the whole apartment, made matt many meals, and countless other small things to take up time.

i am not good at being sick. i can't get enough of projects.

i hope i get better soon, or matt's going to get mad at me for not sitting. yikes-a-roni.