ebrights uniting.

we got married.
but the backstory?
it's a good 'un.

the first day of college, our wings (2nd east olson and 1st east wengatz), were brother and sister wings.  and they planned a trip to IHOP with the freshmen, to help them get to know each other.

the guys were downstairs, waiting for us to come down.
we walked down. and that's when it happened.
i kid you not.
eye contact across the room.
and i told amanda, "i want to be in that guy's car."

"that guy" was matt.
i had an instant crush.
we ended up next to each other for the car ride to and from IHOP.
and after that, i was never the same.

2 years later, we started dating on April 18, 2007.

then, 1.5 years later, on August 29, 2008... 
i was walking with the girls back to the Hayes house after watching a volleyball game.
right when i got to sus and my apartment, matt called.
he told me he was on the swing waiting for me.
but when i went down, what was there was a rose and a letter.
turns out i was jumping into a scavenger hunt.
i went all over upland--the place we first kissed, paynes, handy andy, olson... and then the train depot.
(where i secretly always wanted to get proposed to at).
each place had a letter... the letters went through 1 cor. 13 and matched stories of our relationship with the different characteristics.
and he met me at my car.
we walked up to the bridge, lined with candles.
he read me the last letter.
then told me to look down on the train tracks.

on the tracks were candles forming the words, "marry me." 
(romantic, right?)


the wind had just blown, so they actually said, "marr me."
i turned back.
he was down on one knee.

and the rest is history.

july 18, 2009, we locked it in.