Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my word.

beware. this is a rare more serious post.
i blame it on all the reading i've been doing of shauna niequist.
introspection overload over here.

praise be to the Lord.
to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens.
Psalm 68:19.

i read that verse three times a day. every day.
it's on the back of the book we read last before nap (jesus loves me).
holding micah's hand as he runs his pointer finger under the words.
yeah, i teach reading. so what. who cares.

recently, i watched a sermon that encouraged the congregation to pray about asking God to give you a word to describe 2014.
and then find a verse that goes with that word, and make it your mantra for the year.

my word was praise... despite circumstances, sometimes.
and my verse?
i figured i should use the one i read all the time.

and today, i hit a wall.
partly because i accidentally forgot to drink coffee. this factor could me more like mostly rather than partly.
partly because micah's still sick.
partly because i wanted to go see detroit friends. (which i did anyway... with the sick boy. a little selfish? maybe.)
partly because i haven't slept much for four days now.

and i just put him down for his nap, read this book and verse like always, and was re-struck with my word of praise.

calmed me right back down. plus i drank coffee. but still. i'm choosing to believe it was jesus.

but, praising in spite of my burdens today.
i reread that as spit instead of spite.
praising in spit of it, too.
because there's a lot of that around here.

i need to get some sleep.
oh, and you should watch the sermon. it's here. 

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