Thursday, January 2, 2014


i make new years resolutions every year.
and fail at them.
and i make my friends tell me their resolutions.
which are probably not real, just to make me stop asking.

so, this year, katie and sus were kind enough to go in on it with me.
check out what we're doing:

each month, a new goal.
easier, right?
good luck reading that handwriting.
i think the only reason i got them to do this with me is because we were staying up until midnight for new years.
thus the handwriting.

i'm pretty excited about it.
and january's goal is because i still have a lot of clothes from high school or before.
we have a huge closet. and it's full of things i don't wear.
time to purge.
thinking about it makes me nervous and sweaty.

let's do thisssss!

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