Thursday, January 2, 2014

holly jolly.

we had a great christmas.
matt got a whole week off somehow!
we went to spend time with my family, then his family.
and we didn't take pictures.

my dad took lots, but i don't have those.

but, i do have some iphone snapshots of our time. so here are some random moments i thought were worth documenting!
date night--out to dinner and catching fire. so great!

micah with a guitar.
that's not even one of his presents.
but it was cute.

my dad's "omelette" for me.
though he said, "well, i'm not that good at omelettes." and then, "wow, that looks runny." and then, "the water didn't really go away." (water?!) so i threw half of it away.
completely worth documenting. haaaa

i think they like each other.

my brother was a dancing shepherd in the christmas play.
last year, he was joseph and micah was Jesus.
micah got demoted this year to kid-in-nursery-while-grownups-watch-program... 
but ben clearly got promoted. he got to dance in front of all of us.

christmas pjs for all!

our little family.

two of our nieces!

i just love them both.

mesmerized by fish.
hand in cheerio container. always.
hair a bit mullet-y. we need to fix that.

so then, for new years, katie and susan came.
it was our fifth year of celebrating new years together!
and they loved on micah... and he was obsessed with them.

 we made homemade ice cream (we got an ice cream maker for christmas!)
 we arted it up.
 games, naturally.
matt's pieces need to be sanitized.

and we also got to meet baby caleb, my college roommate's newborn!

micah needs to calm down the lovin a bit.

he can't stop. he won't stop.

family and friends for a week and a half straight. 
few things could be better.

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