Sunday, January 5, 2014

scarred for life.

i am.
and as a disclaimer: if gross baby things gross you out, don't keep reading.
because what happened to me yesterday is by far the grossest thing that's ever happened to me.
it's so gross that i feel it's necessary to write down to remember.

you know, for when micah's older.
so i can embarrass him.
just kidding. i'm going to be the cool mom.

but here's the story:

it was bath time. because micah got syrup in his hair and freaked out. ha.
bath time finished, micah loves to do naked time.
so, i let him run around a little.
(lesson learned the hard way: naked time no more.)
it's hilarious. he's so cute and chubby and just loves being naked.
so we're in the guest room, looking at some legos.
he's standing.

suddenly, he grunts.
i was kneeling in front of him, playing legos with him.
i look behind him... actively pooping.
without thinking, i did something i wish i could take back.
i stuck my hand out.
started catching poop.

it gets worse... then, while i'm kneeled in front of him, catching his poop, he started peeing.
all over my pants.
then i told him to walk to his room (trying to stay calm).
he begins walking fast, with my running behind, trying to catch the poop that's still coming.
i was barefoot.
i managed to step in it?!
poop footprints from guest room to micah's room.
he peed again on the walk. just right on the carpet.

by the time he was on the changing pad, he had gotten poop all over himself.
and obviously, i was covered. as were my feet and sweatpants.

a half hour later, we were all cleaned up physically.
but emotionally, i don't know that i'll ever be wiped clean of the memory.

you're welcome for sharing.

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