Thursday, January 2, 2014

creative christmas.

well, i've finally given away all my christmas gifts, so i can blog about what i've been working on for the past... embarrassingly long amount of time.

homemade christmas gifts.
for me, a big part of the season.
not as big as the jesus part, though.
i have my priorities in order.

so, here it goes... 
(oh, and beware. terrible photography coming your way. i took pictures randomly as i was making these things, thinking i'd take better pictures later, which i obviously never did. that's what i get for setting my expectations too high.)

paint chip calendar

homemade scarves (i made them once before--check here for a tutorial!)

christmas decoration paintings.
be kind. they were freehanded.
also, that tree next to the painting? made my an elementary-aged husband of mine.
meaning him when he was in elementary school. jeez.
and could be my favorite decoration of all time. 

 burlap christmas placemats

 burlap monogram for my newly-engaged brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law
again, freehanded... it's the creativity that counts, right?
also, don't you love my feet in the photo?

handprint ornaments from micah. ish. because one year olds can't use ovens or paint beyond splatters.

chalkboard to hang in a room (made from a frame)

also, a few not pictured homemade gifts
  • chalkboard coasters (basically, chalkboard paint on tiles and then mounted felt on the bottom)
  • engaged ornament for brother
  • wedding countdown frame for brother
  • mini scavenger hunt for matt (with each clue written on a piece of micah "art." haa) to find his gift
  • oh, and it's not homemade, but lots of carol roeda gifts. look it up here
oh, how i love crafts.

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