Sunday, January 19, 2014

book club, round 2.

i posted once before about books i was wanting to read.

and i'm in that place again.
i want to be in a book club.
(anyone, anyone?)
we could even do a book club/cooking club/mentoring combo. that's my dream situation.

these are the books i've been thinking about/reading/wanting to read lately:
read this one recently... and it sort of changed my perspective on life.
it's that good.
my soon-to-be sister-in-law bought it for me.
connie rocks.

so, matt bought me this one as part of my christmas present:
almost done with it.
also incredible.

i'm also reading this one as a devotional that matt also got me:
so, so great.

my brother bought me this one and it's next on my list:

other ones i want to read?
because what could be better than books by comedians?!

speaking of which, i still haven't read this one that i heard is amazing:

you know, plus other ones...
this one comes out soon. and i want to read it.

and pretty much all books by pastors that i admire.
plus all the classics.
and some funny ones.

oh, and then i have to relearn spanish in the next 3.5 weeks.
haven't spoken/read/thought it in 2 years.
before i go to madrid.

yeah, madrid. mission trip style. for 8 days.
don't get the wrong idea... i'm beyond excited to go!
just stressed because, well, i forget a language that i'll need.
so i should only be reading this book.
just have to memorize it.
should be easy.



  1. I would seriously love to be in a book club with you! I haven't read any of the books you listed, but they all sound amazing. Let's start one when you get back from Spain!

    1. Let's make it happen! I'll get some info together :)

  2. I started a book club with some girlfriends about this time last year and it was such a good decision! And by happenstance, I joined another cooking club based off of Shauna Niequiest's book Bread & Wine...another great decision!

    1. Katie... a cooking club based on Bread & Wine?! That's incredible! And what books have you done in your book club??

    2. Gosh, we've done so many now! A different person each month chooses/hosts and we always share a meal. Our favorite books so far have been one by Brad Meltzer, The Shadow of the Wind, and The Rosie Project. All really different, but so good! Whoever hosts gives the group 3 options that we vote we all get a say :)


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