Sunday, March 17, 2013

book club.

i want to be in a book club.
sometimes, i can't come up with great books to read.
right now, i'm overwhelmed by great books and less time.
summer, come quickly!

here are the books on my list...
need to finish love does. 
(it's incredible. and i'm not done yet.)

then altar ego. 
(i've been listening to the sermon series on this. amazing. check it out here.)

then jesus is.

then follow me.

then greater.

then jesus + nothing = everything.

then multiply.

then what we talk about when we talk about god. 
(hopefully it's less love wins-ish... no offense.)

man alive.
there are good ones out right now.
if you read some, let me know.
and share them with me.

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