Tuesday, July 12, 2011

things that make my day.

these things makes long days like today better:

-early morning talks with best friends.
-free starbucks drinks to start the day off.
-having my amazing student with downs learn to say the number 11.
(i literally teared up and we hugged about a hundred times).
-having a student read a passage: "jabbed him in the ribbons" that should have been "jabbed him in the ribs."
-students who bring their puppies to tutoring to bring me a little extra joy.
-seeing 6 and 7 year olds that i sincerely love even in the summer.
-a diet dr pepper when i get home.
-birthday cards in the mail. (it's true, i'm 24 tomorrow!)
-playing with my puggle.
-cleaning and it only taking 20 minutes.
-finally finishing papers that were threatening to kill me.
-watching friends while finishing those said terrible papers.
-getting to talk to matt and having interesting stories to share with each other.

so, though these past few days have been terribly long, thank the Lord for the good parts, eh?

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