Tuesday, July 19, 2011

birthday happenings.

i had my birthday.
and man, did we celebrate!
warning: i have a billion pictures. prepare thyself.

 free HUGE starbucks drink.
notes allll over the apartment from this guy i live with. i sort of love him.

then, love from my students...

then, celebrated with matt with a fun, nice dinner.

 filet for matt... since he rocked his exam!
 and for me? my current favorite food. incredible salads.
 cupcake store for dessert? yes, please!

(with a blessing from God in that we had no change and the meter was already filled!)

then, brother ben came for harry potter.
at 3 a.m.
in imax 3D.
 much, much needed.
 brother. standing proud.
 and me. man alive, 3 a.m. harry potter in imax was unmatched.

the next day, we went shopping!
 california pizza kitchen. yummmm.

of course. a stop at cupcake station. so i could get inspired.

and, the last event of birthday week:
a trip home and then to west lafayette for cousin tara's wedding!
 there's my dog's butt. just for an extra special treat for you.
 weddings! we love them!
okay. that's just a perfect picture. 

and here ends my birthday week/weekend!
joy to the world.

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