Monday, July 4, 2011

summer joys.

we are CRAMMING a summer into 2 weeks.
because matt starts surgery tomorrow.
therefore, his summer ends very soon.

to make up for it, a bunch of summer things...
 tigers game!

 duh. super ropes are a must.

 finally made sloppy joe for this guy.

 took bailey to pet smart... and then to partridge creek (the outdoor mall).
 couldn't eat in a restaurant since we had bailey, so CPK to go!

 andddd the crowning jewel in the day: a gourmet pupcake.
cupcake made out of dogfood for bailey.

 after all that, she was dead to the world for the drive home.

 then, an attempt at fireworks and the detroit symphony orchestra at greenfield village.
me with the baseball team.
 matt getting some lilli time.
 but then, the heavens broke loose and it downpoured. i mean DOWNPOURED. hailed on us. and then the fireworks got cancelled. but it was quite an adventure!

and then, birmingham fireworks. gorgeous. and on a huge golf course.

happy 4th of july!

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  1. love these pics. specifically the one with you and the baseball team and the rain. awesome.


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