Saturday, July 23, 2011

12 people in 800 square feet.

my co-leader and i are having a small group sleep over.
with our soon-to-be junior girls.
in my apartment.
meaning... 10 high schoolers, my co-leader, and i in a one-bedroom apartment.

so of course i had to make cupcakes!

i used my now go-to vanilla cupcake recipe (see my cherry filled cupcake recipe)
then, i added about 4 ounces of crumbled oreos.

then, i put a mini oreo at the bottom of the mini cupcake tin, added the cupcake batter, and baked!
(a little less time and heat since they're minis)

then, i made my vanilla buttercream from memory--a little vanilla, a little milk, 2 sticks butter, about 7 cups powdered sugar.

i put cookie crumbles on top and drizzled milk chocolate.
here's the result!
 mini cupcake tin with mini oreos at the bottom...
 the batter.
 regular sized version...
 mini kind!
 you can't see it, but there's a cookie at the bottom of each of these!
 the finished product.

 umm. yum.
i've been told this is the best yet.
you should try it.

in other news, every time i've cooked on the stovetop, it smells like burning. i found out why...
that used to be a noodle. whoops!


  1. THOSE ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CUPCAKES I HAVE EVER SEEN! you are incredible. seriously though those are REALLY impressive.
    also thank you for clarifying that was a noodle.

  2. whatwouldidowithoutyou. thank you, bff. i'm pretty excited about them. and about seeing you soon. love.

  3. looks like the vanilla frosting turned out...probably would've been too much with oreo in it too! Looks fantastic!!!

  4. Thanks, Steph! I must say... they taste pretty dang great :).

  5. Those cupcakes are amazing. I want to try but am intimidated by your goodness!! And that noodle issss disgusting.
    Yours the next pioneer woman!!


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