Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 years. 2 best friends.

2 years ago, i married my best friend.

this guy.
(that was when we accidentally gave him a mullet. not when we got married. but this is funnier).

great things that have happened in the past year?
to name a few...

-we moved to an awesome apartment.
-i learned to roll my r's.
-we are more in love than ever before.
-i have sort of stopped being a backseat driver.
-he has NOT stopped tapping constantly on the steering wheel.
-we still constantly repeat the same phrases over and over. our most current phrase? "bee bop ba loo la, that's my baby... bee bop a loo la, i don't mean maybe."
-i always sing the above song off key. on purpose. really!
-matt made it through second year of med school.
-i made it through second year of med school.
-we still watch friends on an incredibly frequent basis.

overall, 2 years ago was the best day i've had to date... but every day since has been pretty dang wonderful.

thank you, Jesus.
life is good.

happy anniversary to us!

1 comment:

  1. rolling your r's should be #1
    no backstreet driver? interesting.
    friends? duh.
    love you guys? duh again.


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