Thursday, January 6, 2011


okay. everyone bashes new years resolutions.

and i love them.

as the clock was ticking new years eve, i kept saying, "what are my resolutions? ahhhh!"

i love making them. and here they are.

1. be more organized. as life is going to be busier with grad school (starting at the end of this month. craziness.), i think now's the time to stop leaving things everywhere and constantly having stacks to file. i have to grow up sometime, right?

2. enjoy the little things. i'm the classic overanalyzer and mental stresser. things are getting to the height of as crazy as things can be... i'm married to a man in the worst year of medical school and studying for the Board exam, I am a full time teacher that has a ton of work every night... and i'm starting my accelerated Master's program.  That plus youth group, small group of young marrieds, church, and friends... makes for a busy life.  i'm going to let myself enjoy the little things, rather than stressing about the big things. i can always stress more. but i have to live this season, too, right? might as well get a little joy out of the craze.

sadly enough, new years resolutions have probably created the deepest post i've ever blogged. how embarrassing.

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