Saturday, January 15, 2011

let the new year begin!

new year.
new recipes.

i know grad school's coming and i won't have time to look up new recipes soon, so i'm attempting to find really exciting new recipes for the next few weeks, to be put into the round of "regular" recipes. matt gets bored of things quickly, so i'm trying to get a lot of things going... to make things exciting for us both!  plus, they have to be recipes that are quick and easy, since i don't get home until after 5 these days... lots of tutoring round these parts.

so, on the docket for this week...

monday: saucy pepper steak.
check out this recipe!

tuesday: chicken with orange-pecan rice. here's the recipe. i made it once before--it's INCREDIBLE. thus, back in action. 

tip: i just didn't measure anything, so i don't know if it calls for too much of something. i KNOW i didn't use enough pecans or orange juice (i watered down the orange juice because i didn't want it to be overpowering). so, going with the recipe may be a little different. 

wednesday: healthified macaroni and cheese. here's the recipe.  matt keeps asking me to make a homemade version, but most use so much cheese that i would be super sick (my stomach and dairy do NOT mix).

thursday: something normal: enchiladas or tacos. matt and i love mexican... mostly we're obsessed with fresh cilantro (always a batch in the fridge) and fresh salsa. yummmmm.  not quite as exciting, but something that will rock your world?

it's so good i almost just want to drink it. trader joe's knows how to do it. and i don't buy anything else (maybe someday i'll have time to make it myself!).

friday: Philly steak roll ups. the beauty of this? it's ridiculously easy-looking with hardly any ingredients. (i keep a bag of frozen peppers--green, yellow, and red always in the freezer. trader joe's sells them for like $2. a steal of a deal... and we go through almost one a week).

saturday: something normal... pasta with meat sauce or tuna and noodles (matt's favorite). can't do a new one every day. jeez.

the most exciting thing of all? my baking endeavor this week: chocolate drizzled graham cookies. YES PLEASE. check these babies out.

if these work out, i don't think i'll ever go back to anything else. they look absolutely incredible!

well, i'll take pictures of the "real" version of things i make this week and will be sure to update what happens. yikes. hopefully i don't murder any recipes.

the exciting ones from this past week? pork tenderloin (i rock that now. no more fear) and a made up enchilada thing when i realized i was out of corn tortillas and it was snowing so i didn't go buy any.

that's it. here i go!

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  1. this reminds me of Julie and Julia! lol...can't wait to see how things turn out!


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