Thursday, January 20, 2011

one dinner thwarted... but i'll let it slide...

well, tuesday night was supposed to be the night i'd make chicken with orange pecan rice.

however. i came home to this:

three bouquets of flowers on the counter.... 

 candles everywhere, music playing, mementos of us out...

those are the roses he gave me when he proposed to me. out for dinner... which he had all ready to go with our nice dishes when i walked in the door! 

after dinner, we played the monopoly game i had made for him for our 2 year dating anniversary. it's incredible, i must say. talk about a walk down memory lane... and then he let us watch "the holiday," which i was never able to watch this year over christmas. 

my amazing husband. who loves to surprise me. for our 1.5 year wedding anniversary. i love it. and him.

i'm looking rough in this picture. but, hey, i just finished teaching all day, tutoring for 2 hours, and then driving home through snow. plus showering is generally not on the top of my list. just kidding. kind of. 

so, wednesday night's meal.... philly cheese roll ups!

great success. took literally 8 minutes to create, and was SO tasty. definitely worth trying, everyone!

check out that trash. 

and finally, tonight, i made the homemade macaroni and cheese!  it's lighter than normal homemade macaroni, so at least slightly less fattening... though still filled with cheese (2%, though :)).

it looks good. it tasted even better. i ate more than my fair share, but, eh, who's counting.

don't worry, chicken with orange pecan rice will be coming... just not when i expected. :) i guess it's okay that he interrupted my plans, right?


  1. sooo definitely read this and though.."aww it was their 1.5 anniversary!!! How cute! Oh wait..didn't we get married the day after them?? AW CRAP!"
    Yup. we missed our 1.5 anniversary. big OOPS. least we have the 2 year comin's to hoping we remember that...ha!

  2. haa! it's okay... i didn't think of it either :) you'll rock the 2 year. i hope you're doing well!!


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