Saturday, January 1, 2011

oh the things i can bake.

check out this trash:

the beautiful piece of machinery to change my world forever. 
matt and i were supposed to spend $50 on each other.
he broke the rules. i'm not too mad about it, you could say.
he created a scavenger hunt and gave me a letter with a code about the 25 attributes he most loved about me... making me read things, wander my parents' house, sing christmas carols, eat things... all to find this incredible gift hidden in the attic.

oh, the joy. i love that husband of mine.

...and here are some recently baked goods.
 p.s. this recipe was fully made up. i'm pumped. devil's food, carmel, pecans. delish.

 homemade chicken pot pie. matt begged me for it.
 some of the goodies from our stockings... not a baked thing, i realize.

monkey bread. yummmm.

AND: the beginning to a new era....

the FIRST thing i made in the mixer.
the most well mixed peanut butter blossoms this world has ever seen!
(also, notice i actually have wire racks to put the cookies on... thanks, mom and dad!)

there you have it.
thank you, matt, for spoiling me.

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