Sunday, January 23, 2011

anddd finishing up the week.

this week has been an interesting one.
i've had a lot of epiphanies.
i've been missing susan wonch too much.
and i've been spending a lot of time with food.

so, here goes nothing.

first, my newest "favorite thing!" drumroll, please.....

Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. holy CRAP do they smell good. and are good for the environment. and i'm obsessed.

now, on to food...
chicken with orange pecan rice. YUMMMMMMMMM.

 that's just paprika on top. don't worry... nothing scary.
(the recipe's in an earlier blog. look that trash up.)

and now... the BEST COOKIE i have EVER made. 
i'm truly serious.
make it. everyone will love you.
here's the recipe... cranberry orange cookies.
it's to die for.

welp, my last week of pre-graduate school is this week. thus, many new recipes to add to the docket.

i've got three new ones... 
-chicken with red wine sauce
-grilled rosemary pork chops
-slow cooker chicken cacciatore

i'll let you know how they go.

oh, and fyi... i made this cupcake recipe and it was not the best... don't make it!

that's all for today!


  1. i LITERALLY lost control of my saliva when i saw those cookies. i miss you so much. and your fabulous food. i will have a list of requests when i return and i am NOT kidding.

  2. i will make you anything you want. just to get to hang out with you in real life. holy crap i can't wait for that day.

  3. just realized you linked to my blog. look at you blogger extrodinare! how do you spell that word? no idea. i cried about that day today. i want it so bad recently. love you.


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