Saturday, January 29, 2011

last night of freedom.

it's m-day.
the day to say goodbye to free time.
goodbye to fun baking.
goodbye to any social life i had before today.

and HELLO to master's degree.
and paper writing.
and being a student. whilst being a teacher.

AND... few things could excite me more.

but, i logged on to good ole indiana wesleyan, and i couldn't download the syllabus!
and neither could anyone else.
so it looks like i'm going to get at least one more day of freedom.

hello, blog and date night! (matt's shaving right now, otherwise there's no way i'd be wasting my free minutes blogging).

but, i thought i'd share a few things.

first, the wrap up of the fun recipes!

this is the grilled rosemary pork chop recipe. HOLY CRAPPER. it was one of the better things i've ever tasted. matt nearly keeled over. also: asparagus cooked in red wine (best way to make it!) and jasmine rice.

then, chicken in red wine sauce. DELECTABLE. try this one... it uses fun words like "reduction" and stuff in the recipe. i made it with mashed potatoes and put the sauce on the potatoes. yummmmmmm.

finally, our new endeavor. we bought an entertainment book. and i'm DETERMINED to get our money's worth and much more.  so, for our date nights, we're going to go to restaurants we'd never ordinarily go to in order to get buy one, get one free entrees. tonight's the first one. i'm so excited i could pee.

i'll let you know how it goes.

i'm planning on basking in this last night of freedom.

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