Saturday, January 1, 2011

christmas 2k10.

i can't think of many things i love more than christmas.
and this christmas, in my mind, is one of the top ever.

we saw tons of people.
we relaxed.
we played one billion games of settlers of catan.
we got super spoiled by gifts. 
which i did not hate.

unfortunately, i don't have many pictures of christmas. i thought i had forgotten my camera... to later find out that i had it the whole time. whoops.

so, an acrostic to describe the joy of that time:

Caroling at Christmas eve at church with the family.
Having waaaaay too many cookies and treats baked by my mom.
Receiving incredible gifts (Northface, Kitchenaid, lots of clothes and shoes)
Inviting Susan and Katie over for a day of Christmas :)
Seeing lots of family at our family Christmas.
Talking and catching up with my parents and brother.
Matt, Ben, and I wearing matching pajamas to go see Christmas lights.
Arriving at the movie theater many times.
Spending 9 days loving life with the Marshall clan.

and a few pictures to document:

love to all. and joy to the world.

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