Tuesday, August 16, 2011


so matt and i have 8 nieces and nephews. (he's the youngest of four Ebright kids).
we decided to take the two oldest nephews for a sleepover.

they're going into first grade, and incredibly energetic.

here was the craziness:
 a little wii after making homemade pizza...
 baseball on the wii. twas a winner.
 chuck e. cheese. completion of life.
 this is pure joy.
 then, homemade ice cream sundaes and a veggie tales movie.
whilst laying in a play tent.

and then we ended it all with pancakes in the morning!

duh. we're ready for children.
all you do is hang out and play at chuck e. cheese, right?

really, we're the children.
but i like it that way.

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  1. that is TOTALLY all you need to know about parenting. Trust me, all you'll want to do with your kids and hype them up on sugar and play video games... i'm sure of it. ;) haha
    but that's what being AUNT AND UNCLE is about!
    (they're so big from 2 years ago)

    and also your grasshopper cupcakes below look AMAZING!!!!


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