Saturday, August 20, 2011

new cupcake. new cabin. new creation.

so much newness.

first, cork frame.
got it from michaels (it was a happy 2011 graduation frame). bought cork. a wooden letter. and paint. with coupons and teacher discount... spent a total of $7.87 for EVERYTHING.
 homemade corkboard. why not.
crazy, amazing deal!
and we have a useful new thing.

then... NEW CUPCAKE.
chocolate cupcake with bits of heath mixed in.
caramel buttercream (vanilla buttercream with carmel topping mixed in).
cashew and pecan pieces on top.
yeah buddy. SO good.

and the other new thing?
oh, just a professional-looking reading cabin in my classroom.
for my students to love to use. and read in.
happy day of new things!


  1. Oh my word.....that cabin looks amazing!!!! You are on a cupcake spree! lol. Love it

  2. the cabin is AWESSSSOMMEEEE! you're the coolest classroom in the school, no doubt. :) so fun.

    and that corkframe is super cute. way to go. i made a recent trip to Michael's...unlike me. i'm branching out!


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