Saturday, August 6, 2011

dinner and a craft.

well, it was about time to try a new recipe.
and even though ina garten drives me crazy, i'm oddly addicted to her voice and descriptions during her show?
so i still sometimes watch. even though she's super weird.

and... i decided to try her lemon chicken recipe (one that i watched her make).
get it here.

here's the result (seriously amazing).
i followed her recipe exactly, excepted halved it. and i didn't use chicken breasts with skin on... i used boneless, skinless, so i didn't broil them to brown them at the end.

it may not look that good, but it's incredible. you should try it.

and then a project.
i've been wanting to buy stones and write on them to remember blessings from the Lord. 
(a combination of Joshua with the 12 stones and the book i read, One Thousand Blessings).
so, i did it!

a jar of stones. some written on, some not. with the blessing and the date. it's so easy to forget the things that God does in our lives... so this is my way to remind myself.

joy to the world. and grace. and peace.

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