Wednesday, August 10, 2011


so it's 1:30 in the afternoon.
today, i've gone to school, the post office, the drycleaner, walked the dog a few times... eaten breakfast and lunch, sipped coffee and snuck in an oatmeal cookie i made a few days ago.

but i've done something else today. that was INCREDIBLE.
i decided to sit outside while reading my Bible and drinking my coffee (in my bathing suit, of course. i wouldn't want to miss some sunlight!).

so i spent a good portion of my day on the balcony with the bailster.
and then i started a book that the parent of one of my students let me borrow.
holy crap.
i'm not suggesting that all of it is true... because while it claims to be a true story, we all know that people are not without flaws.
that being said... i didn't move for a moment during my reading of this entire book (with the exception of calling my brother to tell him it was blowing my mind... he told me he sat down and read the entire book in Barnes & Noble one day.).

i mean, it's incredible. the details. the experiences. the information and insight about heaven, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and our relationships with them.

so read it. and then tell me what you think! (or maybe you already have? then tell me what you think!)

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  1. ill have to check it out. have you read 90 minutes in Heaven? similar i think, but not a child. I don't know.

    love that you were laying out in your swimsuit with coffee!!! :) sounds lovely


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