Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pre-international adventures.

i'm leaving for guatemala in mere hours.
what am i doing blogging.
i have no idea.
terrible use of time.

but, here are our recent adventures in life!
my parents wanted to see me before i went all international on them, so they came up for the day on saturday. we had a great time, and went to a restaurant i've been wanting to try! j. alexanders. DELISH. check out this trash:

 my handmade veggie burger with INCREDIBLE mac and cheese.
 that's my mom's. check out that potato. YUM.
 matt's was SO good. it was like a whole chicken or something. and smashed potatoes. (not mashed).
 haa. then my dad needed a snack. 
i told him i took a picture of him sitting on a random bench by himself eating a sundae, and he said, 
"did i look blissful?" 
i said, "yes." 
he said, "good. i am." 
i love it.

my next adventure:
deciding to become a TRUE couponer.
bought the sunday paper and everything.
i couponed it UP.
spent $38 on groceries, saved $18. i'll take it!

my next adventures will be posted at the beginning of may... because i'm off to guatemala...
maybe i'll come home with a baby?
i would not hate that.

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  1. 1. that food looks awesome.
    2. i LOVE your dad! SO GREAT! and i agree- he looks blissful eating his snack.
    3. happy travels. love you!


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