Saturday, May 7, 2011

no seat belts and open windows.

well, it's about time to play catch up.
i went to another country for 10 days.
absolutely beautiful.

so, when we got there, we drove up a mountain to a small village called Pinalito.
for the drive up, we were told,
"keep your seatbelts off and windows open, in case we roll down the cliff and you need to jump out."
just what i wanted, a death drive.

but we didn't die, and spent the bulk of our time in Pinalito.  i spent a lot of time in the school (i remembered my spanish, hallelujah!).

then, we spent the last day or so in Antigua. it used to be the capital of all of Central America... it's gorgeous.

so, there you have it! i have a trillion stories... but it'd be difficult to put into words on here. all in all, it was a great trip!

i wasn't able to sneak a baby back in my luggage though. sad. but i did get a machete back... :)

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