Saturday, April 2, 2011

i'm back in action.

well. it's been a while since i've blogged.

these are the reasons:
reason 1. matt has his birthday! or, as i like to say... i had cake day!
this year... homemade carrot cake. from scratch style. i've only made one other cake ever... his cake last year (which was fun, too... strawberries and chocolate cakes...)

first, grate a TON of carrot. i even grated my pinky more than a little. yum.

reason 2. birthday weekend celebration for matt. 
stop 1: ikea.
 stop 2: date night in ann arbor. italian and comedy.
 stop 3: celebration with fam. and cake eating.

 reason 3. i live with this. how could i not be distracted. how can someone find time to update a blog when situations like this are happening mere feet from where you would blog.
overwhelmed state of matt whilst spring filing and purging all the unnecessary things i always want to save.

 reason 4. i spend my days with students who do things like this: (he's supposed to draw a picture to describe an activity to do during the fall. i mean. come on. that's hilarious and very insightful for a 6 year old).
reason 5. i finished my first class of grad school! yay for me!

reason 6. i accidentally spent all of our grocery budget a week early in march (whoops!) so i didn't have any recipes to post... because our meals were not noteworthy in the least. i literally ran out of almost all foods.

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