Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my job.

every job is different.
today, i realized how wonderful mine is.
i got to school at 7.
i left at 515.
i spent all but 30 minutes of that with 6 and 7 year olds.
and i left with a smile.
just to come home and prepare for the next day.

if i give a booboo a kiss, it's cured.
if i want to calm the mood, i tell a bailey story. (my dog is a literal pop icon in there)
if someone's upset, i tickle them.
if someone's doing something wrong, i pray with them. (thank you, christian school)
i get a billion hugs a day, a million "i love you"s, and a trillion smiles.
and i love every moment.
every ridiculous story.
the endless number of colored pictures i get each day.
and lately, the crowns (i've become queen of first grade every day for the past week, crown included).
every made up joke that makes no sense.

man alive.
my life is pretty dang good.
i feel like i don't give my job enough credit sometimes. so there it is. life is good.

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