Sunday, April 3, 2011

world traveler

i just caught myself having a serious "i would rather be getting an uncomfortable exam at the doctor than this" moment.
making sub lesson plans for a whole week of missing school. NOT fun. every supply, every single little thing I want the sub to say to my students... about 6 pages per day.
thus, i'd rather be getting teeth pulled.
not really.
but sort of.

to combat this, i started thinking about going to guatemala in 18 days. CRAZY. thus spurred the idea of creating a picture list of places i want to visit SO BADLY:


(yeah buddy. about to check this one off. the only way to make it better is to bring a baby back with me.)


southern france. mostly for the vineyards.

the louvre.

kenya. mostly so i can see this girl.

let the dreaming continue...

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  1. yuck lesson plans but it'll SO be worth it!
    also: you'd love kenya i promise. c'mon.
    i want to go all those places too. let's.


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