Sunday, April 10, 2011

wildly wonderful weekend.

catch that alliteration?
so our weekend was pretty incredible.

friday night:
FRCS formal auction.
we WON something.
a cut and color for me at a fancy salon!
also, they had these:
yep. a photo booth.
also i felt famous because they called me up in front of everyone at one point in the auction. very exciting.

then, saturday night:
the civil wars.
in concert.

we got there early... and got front row "seats" (does standing count as seats?)
they were literally about as beautiful sounding as possible.
 his guitars.
 here, i'm sitting on the stage waiting for the concert to start. literally.
set list.
 very excited for it all to start.

AFTER the concert... we waited around (i let matt buy a t-shirt... he was ridiculously excited about it) and we got to meet them! and got a picture! and she knew me because i had facebooked about them (and we're friends on facebook). i mean. it could not have been better.

then, sunday:
we went to a spanish church.
then, we gave our 6 year old nephew THIS for his birthday: 

good stuff, right? who doesn't love nerf.
hope you all had great weekends, too!

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  1. you should've gotten us a t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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