Sunday, March 20, 2011

i have my husband back!

he's back.
the matt that is allowed to have fun with me.
not studying for once.
and fully loving life again. (at least for the weekend...)

it's wayne state med's spring break. and matt's taking the weekend off before studying for the boards alllllllll week.

here are some things we've done in the past 36 hours:
-watched the social network.

-went to the partridge creek, the amazing outdoor mall where you can bring dogs. but we didn't bring bailey. because you can't have dogs in restaurants (but you can in the stores!).

(bought me some stuff for guatemala, too! a compressible pillow and ridiculously foldable towel)

-ate p.f. chang's for the first time. (holy YUM.)

-grilled out. making hot dogs, of course.

-stayed up really late.

-got up really late.

-made pancakes. with bananas and cinnamon chips in them. that's not cheating, because it's breakfast. don't even tell me that's a dessert.

life is good.
on the docket for this week: ikea, nice dinner out, matt's burppppppday, bailey visiting first grade, and much more!

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  1. awesome.
    p.s. excuse my fb comment about the pillow. with the dog bag next to it i was thinking it was for bailey :)for you it is acceptable.


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