Thursday, February 3, 2011

lots o food.

welp. it's food blog time.

first, the beginning of our entertainment book travels.
the oxford inn.
matt got ribs.
 i got my amazing salad that i'm obsessed with. bleu cheese, candied walnuts, red onion, dried cranberries and cherries... and salmon. yummm.
and with the entertainment book, we got this amazing stuff for the same as what we spend at applebees. i'll take it!

then, created recipes.
asian roll ups. here's the recipe. it was great!

then, a regular. but so easy and delicious, i decided to put it up. salsa fiesta chicken. basically, raw chicken, salsa, crunched up tortilla chips, and cheese. bake it for like 30 minutes. and it's incredible. especially with spanish rice and fresh cilantro. (ridiculously easy and you probably already make this. so i'm sorry.)

and finally. chicken caesar salad pitas. what makes these special? roasted red peppers. a definite splurge at the grocery store, but it makes these. they're just lettuce, croutons, cheese, seasoned chicken, roasted red pepper, italian seasoning and caesar dressing in a pita!

happy eatings!

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