Thursday, February 10, 2011

the best of the best.

okay. so i'm obsessed with cooking. so what. who cares. (snl reference, anyone? you should definitely watch it, by the way.)

but here are some stellar meals and desserts from lately. GOOD, GOOD recipes. really. try them. you won't be disappointed.

first up, chicken caesar salad pitas. pretty normal, but with roasted red peppers and brianna's caesar dressing... talk about delish.

then, garlic shrimp linguine. the recipe is here. i mean, words can't describe this. matt almost died. it was crazy good, and healthy, too!

finally, steak stir fry. it's basically normal, but made with asian sesame dressing. yummm.

now, on to desserts. (these were both for the super bowl party we went to).

martha stewart's polka dot cupcakes.

one of the best things i've ever eaten. with a little orange zest, these otherwise normal cupcakes are amazing. plus, i did piping for the first time on the top.

and, football rice krispie treats. but made with cocoa krispies and peanut butter mixed in to the marshmallow. delicious and so cute (there were some young kids at the party).

that's it. now, off to a youth group retreat allllllll weekend. no baking, homework, or lesson plans for me!

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  1. all of these posts literally make me drool. make it all for me. all of it. esp those cupcakes.


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