Monday, February 28, 2011

a bad case of the mondays

my reason for not having a bad case of the mondays?

i have a few.

1. bachelor. one word. so much meaning. he's a creeper... but i can't help it. i love it.
2. i got to see my students today. and i love them. 

3. i got this letter in the mail:
"congratulations! you've completely paid off the student loan." 
hallelujahhhh... i mean, i still have one left through the other sallie mae, but we're SO CLOSE to having undergrad paid for. then comes medical school and graduate school. eh, one at a time.

4. we thought our car was broken. but matt took it in today, and there was NOTHING WRONG anymore. i literally think God saved our car.


  1. nice...can't wait till I get one of those letters...and glad your car is ok!!!!


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