Thursday, February 24, 2011

farting, laughing, being messy.

(forewarning: this post is a little cheesy about loving my husband. discontinue if you aren't interested.)

living with someone else, you naturally pick up some of their tendencies.
when i lived with my college roommate, we definitely had our things... (which i loved every minute of)
but with a boy...
the "things" are different.

-i've learned to hone my bodily function noises.
-i've learned that cleaning up isn't a huge deal, as long as things aren't actually dirty (i'm trying to change that one...)
-i've learned that making a good meal goes a long way.
-i've learned that i have to have at least a basic understanding of all major sports. and develop the ability to watch games.
-i've learned that if i want to talk about money, i'm going to have to make an appointment.
-i've learned to listen to music louder and sing even louder. and dance way too much.
-i've learned that tapping comes with the territory and saying the same phrase in different voices never gets old.
-i've learned that he must have milk at dinner, does not normally like breakfast foods, always needs dessert, and will forget to do most of what i annoyingly ask him to do.

but i recently realized that my boy has actually changed how i view things.
he is really good at loving people, not judging, and being open minded. all things that can be hard for me. especially open minded.

and today, i realized that i don't want to argue topics with people anymore. i think he's actually influencing me for the better. well, to love others... and to have a greater appreciation for any joke or phrase containing the word poop.

so anyway, i think he's changing me without trying. that's what living with someone will do, eh?

(i thought about all this watching david arquette on oprah. it broke my heart to see such a life in shambles. and made me thankful for what i have. as a sidenote: they did a tour of his house at one point, and one of "steph's favorite things" was in there!  mrs. meyer's cleaning products!! so i'm famous.)

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