Sunday, February 20, 2011

the land of "oh crap"

well, today, a lot of things got messed up. but it was kind of funny. (see, i'm looking for joy). so here you go:

1. when i bought pork chops, i froze them. i thought, "i'll save on plastic bags and stack the plates of pork chops." this left me with three layers of pork chops COMPLETELY frozen together. this picture looks like an ultrasound. so you'll have to take my word for it. on two things: that this is a giant stack of pork chops and that it is not showing the world that i'm pregnant via a picture of my insides. because i'm not. and it's not.

2. i made cupcakes. then, i used a trader joe's mix to make frosting. however, it got a teeeeensy bit too runny and was useless to attempt to make them look pretty on top (they're the martha stewart delicious ones again). they ended up looking like blobs.

3. i made this awesome card (i'll put it at the end of this post), but packaged it all up (with a stamp and everything) before realizing i wanted a picture of it.  then, i didn't rip it nicely... but i'm too cheap to put it in a new envelope because i'd waste a stamp. so, tons of tape instead. classy, eh?

4. i made cupcakes. but ran out of cupcake liners. i thought, "oh, that's okay. i'll just have some in liners and some not." this created some not-cooked cupcakes in liners and some over-cooked and wildly misshapen cupcakes without liners. not my best decision.

and here is that fun card. my sister-in-law just had a baby. 

also, i'm about to throw the computer on the ground for not cooperating. (happy birthday to the ground reference. take that.)

and the end.
maybe i'll post tomorrow... that'd be some kind of record for me.
pray for a snow day!

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  1. i needed this to start my day. perfect. i can just hear all the "oh it'll be fine" followed by the "aww craps."
    and good thing i've seen happy birthday to the ground 10x too many because i played the video in my head since i cant get vids here.
    oh and nice work with the pics.


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